How to Integrate Business Software Packages with Payment Processing Modules



It is very easy to combine a business software application with a payment processing platform. The payment platform can either be fixed in a section of the application or accessed through a button in the application. The payment processing can also come in form of a separate element that is not attached to the application, yet performs it’s function as a payment processor. This combination method can also be used to insert a ‘’pay now’’ link in email invoices created by the business software.

We shall briefly examine the type of execution, how to execute, cost, time and possibility of profit returns. Like I said earlier, it is very easy to combine a business software application with a payment processing platform by fixing a button in the application. This means that users can click on the payment processing button in order to obtain an invoice. When they select a feature on the menu known as ‘’continuous bill’’ which is a programmed instruction to automatically debit the user after a specific transaction, it carries out the exact order. Also by making use of this payment application software, the main business software can be designed and joined together alongside the payment processing software.


Normally, it takes about three days to program this combination and the cost is estimated at about three thousand dollars. When you look at it from the flip side, you will agree with me that a transaction request can be conveyed between a Business Software and a payment processing application by making use of an export platform that has not been programmed. An electronic arrangement for this purpose is therefore programmed into the platform in preparation for the combination of the business software and the payment processor.


With this arrangement, a normal combination of these two business software will take one day to programme and the cost is estimated at one thousand dollars. When using an online payment form, you should know that any business software that is programmed to print an invoice can equally have a feature for online payment option for clients. With this measure, there will be no need to print and mail physical receipts to clients. Now, the client uses the feature for making payment and makes a transaction with either credit card or any other means.


A little technical platform can have a form in which a customer’s personal data is required so as to automatically process the payment after transaction. It is however ideal for payment processing companies to make this form available so that customers who don’t have a website can make use of it for their transaction. Due to the fact that this type of combination is easy to execute, it has an option for a client to maintain a payment processing personal account that is different from the main business software. It should be noted also that majority of payment processing platforms have personalized task in which transaction outcome can be moved back to the business software. With this package, a normal combining can take three hours to be programmed at the cost of three hundred dollars.


Accept Online Payment with ACH Processing In order To Grow Your Business


With the present state of business and economy, carrying out a more effective business plan is very necessary. A cardinal strategy that is most times not taken serious is payment options. However, ACH processing as an online payment processing option is quite affordable and is capable of encouraging clients' patronage in both small and large businesses. The full meaning of the acronym called ACH means Automated Clearing House. Most financial organizations in America use it as a well known electronic funds transfer platform to make and receive payments. Payment processing account owners normally use this platform to integrate payment software that generates a detailed customer's payment information. This information often has the client's address, contact, account number and billing pattern. It is pertinent to note that this information can be checked at all times in order to coordinate the payment process.

Furthermore, after a transaction has been carried out, both the account holder and the client will receive notice on email, regarding the payments made. The question is why do banks view collection agencies as a risk?

ACH processing as software automatically processes payments and most financial specialists have agreed to the fact that one can save cost on administrative charges. It also encourages clients thereby removing unnecessary expenses and the certainty to print physical receipts, and also provides the stamps to deliver the bills to clients.

ACH processing software has replaced the normal conventional billing methods which often waste time because; it notifies the clients and the merchants when a transaction has been carried out.


Well, apart from coordinating the payment process, adopting online payment encourages a friendly environment that is paperless within the organization; it prevents workers from being exposed to some harmful organic materials that can affect the respiratory organs. For any business to succeed, customer satisfaction should be seriously considered. Again, having a variety of comfortable payment options can trigger the interest of a client and it will in turn increase patronage. ACH payment processing makes it easy and affordable for payment of bills unlike the credit card that will require a customer to always insert details for each transaction, ACH processing is not configured that way. This provision best suits a client who does not have a credit card to make purchases.   In conclusion, ACH payment processing is a healthy idea for businesses because it helps to save on utility bills, avoids paper and ink waste and encourage continuous patronage from clients.


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